About Us

Teaching meets Aviation, Aviation meets Video, 

Expertise built up as a school teacher merged with Aviation which was the start of Professional Training Programmes for Aviation Instructors of all kinds.

Through several BCAA approved aviation functions, we gained extensive experience in the setup & management of Safety & Compliance Monitoring Systems in Airline & Flight school Environment. 

Our Video Editing activities focused on Aviation through a variety of Instructional Videos. 

Since end 2017, our Drone License allows Aerial Photography & Videography.  

From 2020 we added Live Streaming & Virtual Classroom teaching to the services.   

Lumic Services® originated from the first two and three letters of the name of the founder and was first used in 1999, the year where a nuclear explosion blew the moon & moonbase alpha out of earth's orbit into outer space.  But for those younger than 40 this probably makes no sense :)

©2020 Lumic Services BVBA
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